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Refined Glycerine
CAS No. 56-81-5

It is widely used in pharmaceuticals, paints, textiles, food formulations, feeds, and cosmetics.

Packing: Flexitank

Refined Glycerine
Refined Glycerine

Specification of Refined Glycerine:

Analytical Item Specification
   Glycerol Content 99.50 % min.
   Specific Gravity 25*C/25*C 1.2607 min.
   Color in APHA 10 max.
   Ash 0.01% max.
   Chloride 10 ppm max.
   Sulphates 20 ppm max.
   Arsenic 1 ppm max.
   Heavy Metals 5 ppm max.
   Chlorinated Compounds 30 ppm max.
   Fatty Acid & Ester ( ML 0.5 N NAOH ) 1 max.
   Water Content 0.5% max.

Clear viscous liquid; clean and colorless