PT Ansara Bumi Perkasa is a chemical trading company based in Jakarta, supplying general and speciality chemical products for multiple industrial segments. Read More About Us

We Are A Leading
Chemical Supplier

Our Competitive Advantage

Ansara BP leverages its capabilities to be a reliable chemical supplier for our valued customers.

Various Products

Offers different high-quality chemical raw materials from manufacturers/ suppliers

Global Access

Connects many suppliers and customers across Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA

Strong Expertise

Consists of professional and knowledgeable team with 20++ (more than twenty) years of experience in chemical material industry

Customer Oriented

Commits to provide excellent service for our customers. Our team are equipped with necessary knowledge and skills to assist customers

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As an integrated and leading chemical company, Ansara BP is committed to supplying chemical products to our valuable customers spanning multiple industrial segments.

Industries We Serve

Ansara BP offers one-stop solution to provide premium quality products and services.


A material that is applied as a liquid and dries by a variety of chemical processes to a solid state.


The binder to hold the pigment particles together and provide adhesion to the surface painted.


To provide color, hiding and control gloss; to protect the surface underneath from corrosion.


To enhance certain properties such as ease of brushing, mold resistance, scuff resistance, drying and sag resistance.

Household Products

Any product other than food for consumption in the household in the short term, including Household Cleaners, Disinfecting Wipes, etc.

Other Chemical Materials

Plastic & Rubber, Food & Pharmaceutical, Textiles & Textiles Auxiliaries, Oil & Gas, Agrochemicals, Fertilizers and more

18/11/19 – 20/11/19 Visited CHINACOAT and SFCHINA 2019 in Shanghai

01/10/20                      Launched KLIN-X Disinfecting Wipes